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Welcome to LouZiana Food!

Authentic Cajun, Creole, and New Orleans, Louisiana Style Food! Shrimp Po’Boys, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Hot Boiled Crawfish, Shrimp Creole, and More! Enjoy our Food from our Miramar Area Restaurant, Catering, or Curbside from our Food Truck in San Diego County!

Get authentic, Cajun food right here in San Diego near Miramar, a full-flavored taste of South Louisiana with LouZiana Food, from owners Pete and Pam Terrebonne. We also do catering for events. Executive Chef Rick Huffman, and the Terrebonnes, have once more teamed up, to deliver their new “down the bayou” concept in a restaurant, food truck and catering. Years of award-winning fine dining culinary and service experience in the corporate yacht charter industry – combined with Pete Terrebonne’s homegrown roots from Galliano, Louisiana – provides you and your guests with professional expertise, excellent service and outstanding cuisine.

Cajun Food Using the Freshest Ingredients

Using only the freshest ingredients, and using the time –honored, slow-cooked culinary traditions of South Louisiana, all dishes at LouZiana Food are made with homemade stocks, fresh herbs and vegetables, best quality meats and seafood. LouZiana Food’s own signature, packaged blend of spices – is used for seasoning, coatings and sauces.

Fresh is essential – French bread, made as close as possible to the classic, New Orleans French Po’boy bread, is baked and delivered fresh daily for LouZiana Food. Sweet treats like the Beignets are made, rolled out, cut and made to order – using New Orleans’ famous Café Du Monde recipe. LouZiana Food’s own Bread Pudding recipe is from Mr. Raleigh Terrebonne, Pete’s dad, and finished with a delicious Whiskey Butter Sauce – courtesy of Pam Terrebonne.

It’s all fresh. It’s all good.

Cooking Cajun Takes Time

Just what makes South Louisiana cooking so good?  LouZiana Food believes it’s a bone-deep, time-honored, love and understanding of what it takes to be and to cook Cajun.

Owner Pete Terrebonne’s family heritage is Cajun-French from Lafourche Parish, in South Louisiana. Two hundred and fifty years of tradition of Cajun cooking, passed down from generation to generation, seasons every pot and pan used in LouZiana Food’s kitchens.

Pete moved to San Diego in 1988 from Galliano, Louisiana. He credits his maternal grandmother, Miss Nola Griffin Pitre, of Golden Meadow, Louisiana, for the authentic Cajun recipes used at LouZiana Food.

Traditional Cajun cooking requires a lot of time, preparation and a lot of patience to achieve the rich combination of complex flavors that make our food so good, so special. Rich, dark, mahagony roux; slow cooked-homemade stocks; fresh herbs and spices.

Authentic + Family + Tradition+ Fresh = Delicious. Welcome to LouZiana Food.

Catering in Our Food Truck

As for our Food Truck, Pete bought a brand new, unfinished trailer in Georgia and drove it back to San Diego. He then designed and finished out the trailer from the inside out – doing all the plumbing, electrical, paneling etc. – and purchased and installed all of the necessary equipment, and then had the trailer “wrapped” – with its signature logo and bright Mardi Gras colors.

So if you’re looking for great Cajun food dishes like Shrimp Po’ Boys, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Hot Boiled Crawfish, Shrimp Creole. and more, enjoy our food from our Miramar area restaurant, catering, or curbside from our Food Truck in San Diego County! You can also visit us on Facebook for the latest news.

Cajun Restaurant LouZiana Food

We are an authentic Cajun restaurant and are so happy to have you visiting with us.  This is the place for down home made from scratch Cajun food. Yes, we are from Louisiana! Our family is from Galliano, Louisiana, south of New Orleans and just up the bayou from Grand Isle, Louisiana.

If you’ve found our Cajun restaurant, you are no doubt in the mood for some delicious Cajun food – maybe a taste of home if you are a native Louisianan – or something you remember from visiting Louisiana, or you’re just in the mood for something uniquely delicious. You are definitely in the right place!

We make everything from scratch – from our light, golden roux for an etouffée or a warm, golden brown roux for a fricassee or a deep, dark mahogany roux for gumbo – we make it right! Using time-honored traditions and methods, we make our roux on site, fresh, stirring huge pots with giant paddles over a steady heat to get just the right amount of color and flavor for the best roux.

All of our entrees are prepared using fresh stocks – either chicken, seafood or vegetable stocks. We use fresh herbs – just like our grandmothers used from their gardens. What we’re trying to say is this is all fresh and made from scratch.

And when we fry, it’s South Louisiana-style! When you order fried seafood, you will enjoy the full flavor and taste of our seafood. We lightly dust your seafood with our signature corn flour seasoning and pop it into the fryer for a crisp finish. Delicious!

And although we do not get our Po’boy bread fresh from Leidenheimer’s Bakery, we did go through an extensive search to find as close as we could possibly get – to their amazing Po’boy bread. Come on in and taste it for yourself … and add our Cajun Fries! Often called “addicting” these fries are made with our own special seasoning.

We put a lot of heart and a lot of love into our food. When you come to dine with us, whether it’s in our Cajun restaurant, at our food truck or from one of our catered events, we make our food just like you are coming to our house. When you walk through the doors, we want you to feel welcome to sit and chat with us, or just sit peacefully and enjoy your time with us.