Get an authentic, full-flavored taste of South Louisiana food with LouZiana Food, from owners Pete and Pam Terrebonne, right here in Southern California. Executive Chef Rick Huffman, and the Terrebonnes, have once more teamed up, to deliver their new “down the bayou” concept in a restaurant, food truck, and catering.

Years of award-winning, fine dining culinary and service experience in the corporate, yacht charter industry – combined with Pete Terrebonne’s homegrown roots from Galliano, Louisiana – provides you and your guests with professional expertise, excellent service and outstanding cuisine.

Using only the freshest ingredients and time honored culinary traditions, all dishes are made with homemade stocks, fresh herbs and vegetables, best quality meats and seafood, from “scratch” fine desserts and freshly baked bread daily. Additionally, only LouZiana Food’s signature blend of spices, coatings and sauces are used when preparing meals. It’s all fresh. It’s all good.


The Owners

Pete and Pam Terrebonne, have been married for 28 years – “glorious” years as Pete tells it! They each bring a wealth of experience into the restaurant and food truck business. For 20 years, Pete and Pam owned and operated Charter Connection Corporation, a private yacht charter company that specialized in fine dining aboard private yachts – in Coronado and San Diego. Their company won numerous awards in the hospitality industry for outstanding service and cuisine, as well as being recognized for being among the best businesses to work for in San Diego.

When deciding what next adventure they wanted to try, Pete directed them back to his deep roots in South Louisiana, in Cajun country. Pete bought a brand new, unfinished trailer in Georgia and drove it back to San Diego. He then designed and finished out the trailer from the inside out – doing all the plumbing, electrical, paneling etc. – and purchased and installed all of the necessary equipment, and then had the trailer “wrapped” – with its signature logo and bright Mardi Gras colors.

Meanwhile, Pam was busy in the kitchen, taking family recipes and recalculating numbers from large family size to festival size amounts, while also establishing a baseline for all stocks and roux, making and re-making the beignets to establish consistency and taste, and creating the signature whiskey staff3butter sauce for her father-in-law (Raleigh Terrebonne’s) famous bread pudding, creating specs for LouZiana Food’s signature seasoning and Remy T. Remoulade sauce and coming up with the totally unique Black-Strap Molasses and Citrus Vinaigrette for the Mardi Gras Salad.

Pete created business opportunities for the food truck and Pam worked on marketing materials and spreading the word about the new business endeavor. In the foodtruck, the roles reverse somewhat, as Pete did the frying and cooking while Pam managed the sales at the window. Their combined strengths, combined with a solid team of excellent support staff, earned LouZiana Food rave reviews and a large, growing, consistent following – which eventually led to the opening of the LouZiana Food casual dining restaurant.

During this time, Pete and Pam reached out to former friends and business partners who in turn,  used their expertise in various fields, to help the food truck get started – Executive Chef Rick Huffman with kitchen management and much more, Kurt Peck with Peck Creative for website and creative work, Mike Moran of Moran Canvas for space to work on the truck and generous amount of support from his team and Cris Canning of Hospitality Ink for guerrilla marketing techniques for newcomers on a budget … and a few other good friends who provided unimaginable support to get the new venture off the ground – both with the foodtruck and later, with the restaurant.

Pam and Pete have been long-time San Diego residents, specifically Scripps Ranch residents, where they raised their three children: Nicole Hernandez-Terrebonne Wang, Sierra Terrebonne and Remy Terrebonne. All three of their children attended (or attend) Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, also Pete’s alma mater.

Pete (class of 1983) and Pam (who is an honorary Alumni By Choice (ABC), along with Jim (Class of 1983)  and Anne Rogers Sneed (Class of 1983) were the founding members of the LSU Alumni of San Diego. With an amazingly small, but dedicated and determined amount of San Diego LSU alumni and friends, the San Diego Club became famous for it’s Annual Crawfish Boil.

Excerpted from the LSU Alumni of San Diego About Us/Chapter History:

“By 1998, more than 2,000 guests attended the Crawfish Boil. In 2012, the group attained a Guinness World Record for the “largest crayfish (sic) party at a single venue.” The official total for that event was 3399 participants. In 2013, we held our 25th Annual Crawfish Boil, chaired by founder Pete Terrebonne, with over 4000 people and 20,000 pounds of crawfish.”

Pete and Pam know a thing or two about Louisiana food and Louisiana cuisine.


Our Outstanding Staff

Executive Chef Rick Huffman, formerly of Charter Connection Corporation and also the Hotel Del Coronado, has also joined the LouZiana Food team. Chef Huffman brings tremendous culinary experience to the restaurant. While working at Charter Connection, Chef Huffman had several opportunities to become immersed in the Cajun culture. While the “Belle Amie” project was underway in Louisiana, Chef Huffman lived in Lockport, Louisiana for a few months, off and on. He became quite familiar with the preparation and structure of Cajun cuisine. And most importantly, as most Louisianans will tell you, he learned the nuanced versions of how to make a roux – something that is particularly difficult to do if one does not grow up in the Cajun culture. Chef Huffman has more than risen to the occasion. Now in addition to his mastery of the mother sauces, Chef Huffman makes a mean roux, too!

LouZiana Food couldn’t do it without:

  • Vicky Cibrian. Dedicated friend, amateur chef, energizer-bunny in the cleaning department, constantly on-the-go purchasing agent, able to fit through the tiniest of windows when necessary and amazing friend.
  • Corie Straub. Friend indeed and often a friend who fills a need, amazing graphic artist, consummate line worker, time management expert extraordinaire, able to be anywhere (thank you so much) on a moment’s notice.
  • Ricky and Mitzie Angelette. Although they live in LaRose, Louisiana, Mitzie (Pete’s sister) and Ricky (her husband) have been a vital and integral part of getting LouZiana Food up, running and more. Before the restaurant opened, the “retired” pair agreed to come and help Pam and Pete open the restaurant – adding a good bit more of Cajun authenticity into the mix J. Ricky is a carpenter, rough and finish work, a plumber, an electrician, a stonemason – in short he is the renaissance man of general contracting. Mitzie is the Queen of Clean – literally on her hands and knees taking out spots that have finally met their exterminator, painter extraordinaire, a furniture refinishing/distressing specialist and a one-woman organizational tornado – the only one who can give Vicky a run for her organization skills. She’s also Pete’s sister – which is in itself, of enormous benefit.
  • LouZiana Krewe: These young men and one young women were all teenagers when they started with (or joined shorthly thereafter) the LouZiana Food foodtruck Krewe. Only two had any food service background – Colin Diehl and Remy Terrebonne.
  • And when the LouZiana Food casual dining restaurant opened, each one stepped up for those assignments also.
  • This first, original Krewe demonstrated a strong work ethic, a good attitude and a willingness to go above and beyond what was required – in often trying conditions.
  • Food trucks are hotter on the inside, always. Fryers and stoves run at full capacity, as well as compressors for refrigeration and freezing. Conveniences are often located at inconvenient distances. Parking is always challenging. Drive times and traffic make getting to work an exercise in patience.
  • Krewe members were all in high school, except Ian Jason – who was in college. They all played competitive sports. They were all involved in some other additional forms of extra-curricular activities, many in leadership roles. And they all showed up on time – when and where they should be – at various locations, all over San Diego County.
  • LouZiana Food’s Original Krew:   Remy Terrebonne. Dylan Graham. Colin Diehl. Josh Cibrian. Nate Jason. Ed Vildibill. Ian Jason. Brennan Straub. Payton Straub. Alex Bernaby. Evan Ferguson. Tyler Tran.


People always comment on the friendliness of the LouZiana Food’s staff, their hospitality, how customers are always made to feel welcome. It starts with hiring the best.